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IntelliJ not running tests on debug

Recently, I faced a problem with IntelliJ and java. I had to configure my project again since I reformat my computer.

I installed the IDE, imported my project, installed maven’s dependencies, and then. Crap! The jUnit tests weren’t working.

The compiler was throwing this error:

IDEA and TeamCity: java.lang.LinkageError “attempted duplicate class definition for name”


After cleaning, rebuilding, and deleting the cache for the IDE. Nothing was working. I went to the internet and I found a bug declared in the IntelliJ repo, 9 years ago!! Not so helping…

But don’t worry I figured out how to fix it.

There is an option in your IDE that will help you with this issue.

You must go to Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Maven > Running tests and uncheck the three options. And voila!

See you guys!! Happy testing 🧪

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