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How to become an Outlier Developer?

I recently finished reading Outliers, a book about successful people and the characteristics that let them achieve the best of their...

Downloading images concurrently (Threads)

In the previous section, we explored how we can check if a resource is an image, with the downside of the speed of execution. Imagine...

IntelliJ not running tests on debug

Recently, I faced a problem with IntelliJ and java. I had to configure my project again since I reformat my computer. I installed the...

How to write to google sheets with Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write to a Google Sheet through the official Google API. We are going to cover the main problems...

Who's that bug?

Have you ever been stuck on a bug a no idea how to deal with it? Unfortunately, this entry won’t solve your specific problem, but maybe...

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Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration.

I’m so glad you’ve arrived. Here is where I share with you what interests me most, sparking your excitement so that you can nurture your own passions and projects. I hope you enjoy my site and all of the unique content I create. We all need something to motivate us. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what exhilarates you. Are you ready to be inspired?

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